About Us



The mission of Sista Teacher is to connect and support diverse women and girls across multiple campuses who aspire to impact the field of education.

Who Are We?

  We are women and girls who aspire to be the

· education attorney who defends a student’s rights

· teacher who stays after school to tutor struggling students

· fitness trainer who provides affordable exercise classes to teachers

· business owner who leads an entrepreneurship camp for at-risk teens

· art therapist who encourages students to utilize art to express themselves

· social worker who makes home visits to ensure children are safe & learning 

· computer programmer who teaches young girls how to code & develop apps 

· daycare director who has an onsite food pantry for poverty stricken families

· school psychiatrist who treats students with mental or behavioral disorders

· principal who implements literacy workshops for parents who want to improve their reading 

. and so much more!



Our Primary Focus:


  • K-12 Students 
  • K-12 Teachers (and all K-12 School Faculty/Staff)
  • Parents of K-12 Students

Our Secondary Focus:

  • Non K-12 Educational Institutions
  • Education Focused Businesses